True about papillary carcinoma


True about papillary carcinoma thyroid is-

    1. Comprises 10-15% of all thyroid cancers
    1. Cells have intranuclear vacuolation.
    1. Amyloid deposition seen
    1. Encapsulated

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  • Papillary thyroid cancers are the most common type of thyroid cancer, accounting for nearly 85% of primary thyroid malignancies.

  • “Papillary carcinomas are solitary or multifocal lesions. Some tumors may be well circumscribed and even encapsulated; others may infiltrate the adjacent parenchyma with illdefined margins.” - Robbins

  • Histological characteristics of PTC:

  1. Papillary projections
  • PTC contains branching papillae of cuboidal epithelial cells.

ii. Orphan Annie eye nuclei:

The nuclei of papillary carcinoma cells contain finely dispersed chromatin, which imparts an optically clear or empty appearance, giving rise to term ground glass or Orphan Annie eye nuclei.

  • In addition, invaginations of the cytoplasm may in cross-sections give the appearance of intranuclear inclusions (pseudo-inclusion) or intranuclear grooves.

  • the diagnosis of papillary carcinoma is based on these nuclear characteristics even in the absence of papillary structures.

     iii.  **Psammoma bodies**
  • these are concentrically calcified structures.