" Usmle Step-1 Indian Preparation Forum" Rule


Rule’s of “Usmle Step-1 Indian Preparation Forum” :point_right: Hi friends I would like to tell you about " Usmle Step-1 Indian Preparation Forum" Rule.

:point_right:In the group we share information, questions, discussions, experiences and all.

:point_right:t3:In order to add you to the group, you have to be dedicated, focused and contribute with the people on the group. If you will be inactive there will be no point keeping you on the group. We are tracing the activity of the people on the group.

:point_right:One thing is to keep the integrity and professionalism of the group we have made some rules that all should follow!! they are as follows-

:point_right::pray::pray: WELCOME to all the New Medicine Students to this group

:point_right:For the new people on this group, please anyone and *everyone is free to post questions , preferably set by professional bodies like USMLE Step-1

And for everybody please, remember to ‘close’ all questions you post after the discussion is finished. I mean…when you think the reasoning, answering, whatever has finished, please put the question with the right answer and the explanation. That is the best way to learn.
:point_right:Please Don’t post anything unrelated to #USMLE #STEP-1​:point_right:Avoid posting about religion,Politics, sport etc. :point_right:Don’t ask people for their phone number&email publicly. :point_right:Don’t unnecessarily ask links. :point_right:Don’t post advertisements :point_right:Post only in English :point_right:Please don’t ask people to join FB/Whtsapp/Telegram/any other Platform. :point_right:Whatever you post in this group is completely your responsibility.If you break copyright you may be held accountable by organization whose data hasbeen infringed.
:point_right: #Respect #everyone’s #privacy.
:point_right:When you post any video please send the link, there is no need to download &send.
:pray::pray:Thank you