Usmle step 1 score : 260


Usmle step 1 score : 260
Exam date: 3 weeks ago
I graduated 1 yr ago
Prep duration: approx 11 months,dedicated (last 3 months 15 hrs per day)
Study materials: started with Kaplan lectures for Biochemistry,Pharmacology and Anatomy (you can skip anatomy)Sketchy micro, BRS for physio,Pathoma and Boards and Beyond for the rest. 100 cases of C.Fischer
Finished them in 5 months
Did some Kaplan Qbank
Started UWorld online 4 months before exam.Slow at first then could complete 1.5 block per day during last month.Did 1 pass only (average of 89 percent).I was annotating my FA and reading the topic in question.I reviewed FA only once after finishing UW and focused on my weak areas.I had to take the exam because my eligibility period was ending ( took latest date available in my center)
I also used Anki to retain FA (Zanki deck).
Offline self assessments taken before and during UW: from 20 to 13 mistakes.

Online assessments: each week during month before exam and in order: UWSA1 270s…NBME 23 260s…UWSA2 270s
Also did some AMBOSS questions here and there, found them harder than UW.4 months prior to exam,i was scoring 65 percent per block…last weeks of prep 90 percent (did not do them continuously,from time to time when i was bored)
Day of exam i was sleep deprived (didnt sleep well for 3 days in a row because of jetlag ,bad sleep hygiene,dont do this mistake,fix your sleep schedule at least 1 week prior to exam). I slept maybe 5 to 6 hrs before exam and took it in the early morning.I was afraid i d feel sleepy by noon so i cleared 4 blocks in a row.Then i took a light lunch,went back and did 2 blocks.Bathroom break.Last block.Had 25 mins remaining.
Marked an average of 5 qstions per block.At least 2 of them were wtf. After exam,i wasnt sure how to feel.Part of me was relieved.The other part was thinking about the answers,the mistakes…It took me 1 week to calm down.
Bring with you a jacket , you never know how they set the AC (after finishing 1st 4 blocks,i realized i was shaking XD)
And eat a good breakfast.Thanks to food and adrenaline,managed to have some stamina despite the fatigue.
This group helped me a lot.I learned a lot from you guys.I am very grateful.Especially to MD Hossain whose replies were always on point.And congrats to you.

I will gladly answer your questions