Violence against doctors is maximum in pediatrics.Why is it so? Is it wise to opt for peds?


Violence against doctors is maximum in pediatrics.Why is it so?? Is it wise to opt for peds??

Maximum in ER

Surgery - litigations yes
Mob violence -little less than pediatrics

I think surgical fields have less violence compared to peds/med

Exactly.Because paediatric population is a very sensitive group… Lot of emotional attachment than logical reasoning could convince,in critical illness… That said,mob violence is rising in India against every speciality, God has to save our profession from this raging mob ,who have no idea about how we work…If you think you can’t handle too much stress, think and leap

Defence krna seekhna pdega hme…

Kaleen bhaiya se hm deshi kattaa provide krne ki baat krenge…sbhi Doctors k liye …:+1:

Deshi katta relatives ko provide karo :joy: unhi ke haath mein phatega

More than medicine branch income
But in life less time for your self…

I have seen in the hospital which I m working maximum mob violence and litigations in medicine department

Bcoz parents are very sensitive. Sometimes it’s very difficult to counsel them.

Max risk is in surgery and emergency > paediatrics

In Gmc haldwani… Maximum voilence is in pediatrics… 2nd is obs gynae
As an intern every week koi na koi bulawa aa jata tha pedia deptt se…
Yaha hungama hone wala hai aa jao sab bachane.
1 patient s dad even slapped our asst proff

I am so terrified of pedia, gynae that i will never take them.
And so much frustation and seniority nd ragging in surgery that usse bhi vishwas uth gya h. 1 asst proff beat our JR very very badly that whole surgery deptt went on strike. Pi kar marna. Also no free hand untill 3rd yr… Ab SR k number badh jane sr 3rd yr ko bhi free hand ni mil rha h.
Gmc haldwani medicine branch is cool… Awesome.