Well the technology has changed without any doubt one thing


Well the technology has changed without any doubt one thing i would like to say to prepladder and marrow you both are best no comparison can be done well no body is 100 percent except god . Well I respect all the faculty but bhatias and dams trp has gone so down … that dams have started playing their cheap politics dams walo bhai tum abb apna medical college khol sakte ho itna paise hai tumhare pass… itni mirch kyu laddi hai … if marrow is doing so well and prep too learn to respect to your juniors dams and marrow nd prep are your junior interms of age knowledge wise prep and marrow are far better than you if you can’t appreciate tell me one thing why have you launched dams online portal for study bhai bhagwan ko jaan deni hai thode paise prepladder aur marrow ko bhi kamane do … they too are working hard apun ka full support hai dono ko as both are good we appreciate the effort done by both apps you have made study possible everywhere and last not the least this neet pg and dnb group you too are best selection ki dikkat nahi hai its just both faculty and apps have worked hard for us totally appreciations for you never underestimate anyone he can be at that position where you were and this is life because life always give everyone a chance god bless too both apps and our gurus
Dams walo sharam karo dun demotivate anyone bhai aapki 7 pushte khaalengi marrow aur preladder walo ka bhi haq banta hai bhai abb aap medical college kholo and lets prep and marrow be in the game kya aap choti moti game khelte rahoge babaaaa

Teaching is a Nobel profession just like being doctors.
Yes now most of them have brought professionalism into it but that is okay.
But you have to be grateful to them always if they have taught even a single thing in your life.

All teachers are good.
DAMS classroom program is solid
They should stick to it.
Stand out of the online world
Also because Emedicoz sucks big time