What is a kidney or round infection or pyelonephritis?

What is a kidney or round infection or pyelonephritis??

_ How is it created?

_ Who is more at risk?

What are the symptoms and signs of it?

_ And how to cure it?

What is the infection of the rounds or the inflammation (Pyelonephritis)?

Round infections are a type of round disease that attack microbes and cause changes in the duties and function of the rounds.

And round infection should be taken seriously even though it doesn’t have very dangerous symptoms and signs at the beginning but it can increase over time and is one of the diseases of the rounds that can destroy and destroy them.

? How is the infection of the rounds?

The cause of round infection is a bacteria attack in the body whether through blood or urine, which bacteria causes inflammation and destruction of its performance by attacking round cells.

Ways of bacterial attack on kidneys are:

1-through blood

2-through spreading to infected organs such as Lung abscess and infections around the rounds.

3-The urinary way that bacteria from the urine channel enters the channel and bladder and then reaches the rounds, this is the most common path of kidney conflict and infection.

This is why the treatment of urinary infection is part of urology emergences.

? Which people are most exposed to this disease?

1-Women due to the shortage of urinary channel and body structure and the proximity of the urinary hole to the Wa Pillage hole and the anus that both cause pollution.

2-Children with urinary return:

In these people, due to urinary return from bladder to rounds, infectious urine to bacteria, causing infection and damage, which is the most common cause of rounds in children today.

3-People who have convergence infections such as Suzac, Syphilis, aids and… are here, due to the infected bacteria, slowly moving towards the kidneys and with infection of the rounds. He does.

?? What are the symptoms and signs of round infection??

1-urine changes:

For example, watching the following states

  • Frequent times of urine at night

  • Observing pale and pale urine

  • Dark urine

  • removal of urine with blood

  • Feeling pain and pressure while urinating


The lack of correct functioning of the rounds leads to the collecting of fluids in the body and swelling. This swelling is created in places such as legs, wrist, abdomen and even face and is in pain


4-stains, skin acne and itching skin

5-Feeling the taste of iron in the mouth or a breath filled with the smell of ammonia ())

6-nausea and vomiting

7-shortness of breath

8-feeling cold

9-dizzy and lack of focus

10-side and leg pain

Some people with round problems may feel severe pain in their back, side, or legs.

? How to cure it?

Your therapist will immediately request urine and blood tests in the visit. The most reliable and best treatment is to be hospitalized and prescribing injection antibiotics until the fever cuts and recovery of symptoms. The use of high fluids and the prescription of ceramic, housing, anti-fever and rest are the next treatment measures.

But the final advice:

1-Observing personal and sexual health is one of the most important factors in preventing the infection of the rounds.

2-If there is a urinary return from bladder to rounds in children, you must be under the doctor’s supervision by visiting the round surgeon and urinary Hungarian.

3-Treat the ground factors such as the stones of stones of the rounds and the maternity and the writing of the rounds in a timely manner.

4-Don’t forget the regular chakab every 6 months of rounds and urinary hungary.

5-If you see the signs of round infection, visit the doctor immediately.

6-The use of fluids, especially every 2 hours, a glass of water is very helpful to prevent infection.

7-If you don’t empty the bladder and the remaining high urine, make sure to treat it under the supervision of the specialist doctor. The end: