What is the name of this disease? Please tell me the name of medicine


What is the name of this disease?
Please tell me the name of medicine.

Antiviral and antibiotics and MMR vaccine

am happy because am coming back from now that is why i happy please my friend brothers sisters i think our examination must coming i need prayer by i sheshi zamani che2 wish everybody good afternu

My dear send the baby to the hospital for appropriate intervention. Tnx

It happened to my baby make sure d towel is dried every well n use what we call red powered

Stop all the baby creams you are used. Go for Shea butter only or original coconut oil.

Thats not disease,heat rush no worry.Apply no oil,use cotton clothing and do not over cover baby only if going out.

Dis is skin disorder u can buy syr septrine with syr paracetamol and clotromazole cream to apply and bath d baby with detoil soap

That is how it use to do new born babies use Vesta pulse and mahaba power it will clear and dress ur baby according to weather

Buy zinnat suspension 2.5ml morning and night , panda drop 2drop morning ,afternoon and night and vitamin c drop 2drop three times aday

Only use soap shampoo body wash that is specifically made for a baby Johnson & Johnson baby soap warm water only and give the baby a bath at the warmest time of the day mixer the clean the baby up in a clean bathtub or a bathtub just made for a baby was clean sanitize water. Drift detergent fabric softener made sensitive skin non scented watch the babies clothes and warm water and make sure that you use fabric softener that’s made for a baby keeping the baby bottles nipples pacifiers perfectly clean sanitize baby blankets all need to be washed periodically and the baby must be slept in a crib keep the baby away from animals with those who are sick take the baby to the emergency room to the hospital for proper diagnosed I don’t be seen by a pediatrician for proper diagnosis don’t let anybody hold the baby or kiss the baby unless they wash their hands first don’t allow anybody to smoke cigarettes around a baby everything must be clean sanitize wash periodically do not lock the baby clothes separately for everyone in the home… don’t get the baby any medication unless it’s from a doctor at the hospital and at the emergency room

If the child hod scabies everyone in the home must be treated Google app more information on how to get rid of scabies in the home but make sure everybody wash their hands keep their nails clean sanitize all food make sure it’s kept in a sanitized condition kept refrigerated do not leave baby bottles you throw out the formula or the breast milk if the baby don’t use what’s left over

Pls don’t give him any medicine, use purity solution add into his bathing water. But if he’s having fever at same time, then take him to the hospital