What is the PLAB 2 exam?



What is the PLAB 2 exam?

PLAB 2 is an OSCE (objective structured clinical exam) exam.

When you can take the PLAB 2 exam?

After passing the PALB 1 exam.

How many stations?

18 Stations

What is the time distribution for each station?

Total 10mint for each station where you will get 2 minutes for reading the question outside and 8 minutes within the cubicle.

What is the Pass Mark?

Each Station: The pass mark for each station varies.

Total number: For each exam, there will be a fixed passing mark and a candidate needs to get equal or more than that mark, including at least pass 11 stations. Usually, the pass mark varies between 103-115/216 (this is just an assumption)

for example, If the pass mark is 110, then a candidate must score ≥110 and must pass at least 11 stations. If someone gets marks 111 and passed 10 stations it means he couldn’t pass the exam.

Remember once you pass that’s all matter.

What is the mark distribution?

Each station will mark in 3 domains and each domain contain 4 marks.

Domain What this domain covers
Data gathering, technical and assessment skills History taking, physical examination, practical procedures, investigations leading to a diagnosis
Clinical management skills Formulating a diagnosis, explaining something to the patient, formulating a management plan
Interpersonal skills How you approach the station: whether you establish a rapport with the patient, how you use open and closed questioning, involving the patient and demonstrating your professionalism and understanding of ethical principles

(Tables collected from GMC Website)

When & where you can take PLAB 2?

PLAB 2 exam arranged by GMC for the whole year. You can check the exam date in your GMC online account once you passed the PALB 1 exam.

The exam takes place in Manchester.

What is the exam fees?