What medicine can be use to cure toothache?



Pls don’t remove it, buy cloves, blend and place it on the teeth that pains or u chew it with same teeth

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Agmenten 625mg
B c m 300mg

get a handfull of palm tree roots, wash it, get a small quantity of red potash, add to it, fill the pot to the brim with water and boil it in a small clay pot or any availavle pot. boil for atleast an hour and the water will change color, fetch a little in a cup and take a mouthful of it, allow it for some seconds in ur mouth, then spit it out. do it two or tree times a day.

no medication will cure tooth which has developed cavity. If it is gingivitis take prescribed drugs above. But if it is a pain is from a decayed tooth, I refer you to a dentist to access your tooth and advise you whether to do Root canal and refilling or extract it.