*What virus are*

What virus are
“Virus is nothing but the dead vegetables or dead plants, which have gone out of circulation, of evolution, are existing in the collective
subconscious and they attack you and so you get a virus. In the same way you can get it from micro-animals also, which can cause you
this virus infection.”
Workshop, 1 March 1985, Perth (Australia)

“And these viruses are the plants and things, that have gone out of the circulation of evolution. So, they live on the left-side, in the
collective subconscious, you see, the area which was built in. And they attack you. Once they attack you, then medical cannot cure it, you
see. It’s a psychosomatic trouble.”
Interview about sickness, 30 June 1990, Vienna (Austria)

“And all this viruses come from left side. From the subconscious, from the collective subconscious. Sometimes when they break, it starts
working on its own; this side. All this incurable diseases are, we call of the left sided attack of the viruses. And these viruses are the
animals, the plants, and human being who have gone into the collective subconscious.”
Public program, 12 August 1992, Helsinki (Finland)

“In the process of evolution, there were many plants, animals who were destroyed because they were not in the centre, because they
were egoistical, some were cunning, some were too big, some were too small and they were all thrown out and when they were thrown
out they felt that they must react. So they went into the collective subconscious and came as subtler entities to harm the people who
were ascending. Like we see these days viruses that attack us, these are the plants which have gone out of circulation. After some time
you will find tobacco will go out of circulation, many drugs will go out of circulation.
… All these entities do exist. As human beings are the image of God as in the collective subconscious of God Almighty and also in the
supra-conscious of God Almighty, these forces still remain till they go to hell. In the same way in us also, in human beings also, these
forces exist and they try to overpower us.”
Shri Ekadasha Rudra Puja, 8 June 1988, Moedling (Austria)

“Only through Sahaja Yoga you can cure viruses because only Sahaja Yoga can act on the left side.”
Address to doctors, 6 April 1997, Delhi (India)

“You have to use the candle and it will be all right. Because whatever it is, you see, it’s a left side virus you have got, virus, infection.
And for the virus you have to use the light. Light. Light is more than the heat. It’s not the heat, it’s the light that will help you a lot …
You have to work it out with the candle … But you have to give little time to yourself, that’s all … Only the candle can cure it … You
have to use my photograph. All right? You’ll be all right. It’s nothing special.
… All the psychosomatic troubles come from viruses. They are all viruses, different types, that’s all. And if you can just get your
attention away from them, you are all right. Sahaja Yoga is that. If you move towards the left, you go to the collective subconscious
and there are all those things, which have gone out of the circulation of evolution, out there. But if you can, some or other, pull out
your attention, you get cured. Same on the right side also you can have problems. But for psychosomatic troubles only this candle
treatment helps a lot. It’s a wonderful thing.”
Interview about sickness, 30 June 1990, Vienna (Austria)

“We have to now understand Mahakali’s powers. Now Mahakali’s powers are such that she is the Holy Ghost. So, firstly she can cure
any diseases that come from viruses … So, the hundred and eight names of the Goddess or the one thousand names of the Goddess
are mostly for Mahakali, on the left-hand side, because she killed so many rakshasas. She destroys also viruses and all kinds of
things which are inflicted on human beings. Also, she cures many things like conditionings.”
Shri Mahakali
Puja, 14 October 1992, Salvador-Bahia (Brazil)


Be in the center
“Left side gives you psychosomatic diseases. All incurable diseases … They come
from viruses. Now on the left side is all our past, since our creation. So there are
many dead vegetables which have gone out of the circulation of evolution, dead
animals, dead human beings. Now these, like tomorrow, will become out of the
… So one has to be in the center because if you go to the left, then these viruses
catch you or some dead animals will catch you, some micro animals might catch
you or some human beings who are dead. So the possessions take place. Now
with the awakening of the Kundalini your attention is drawn in the center.”
Medical conference, 14 September 1994, Sant Petersburg (Russia)

Have faith that we are sahaja yogis
“You have to understand that now you are … If you understand really, in the way
that I call it part and parcel, what is a Bodha – that is, it becomes a part and
parcel of your nervous system, that you are a yogi then no virus can attack. What
is virus? Nothing can attack you, nothing can trouble you. And even if they
attack, it will come for a short time and will go away. Even if they attack, it will
come and go away. But it will not stay in your body. It cannot stay long.”
Conversation with yogis, 1 December 1987, Pune (India)