Whats the future after DNB ? Like jobs and in abroad?


DNB in abroad recognised better than MS/MD. Esp Middle east. Coz the system of Resident-Registrar-Specialist-Consultant in DNB is same as Middle east. Unlike PG-SR-AP-AP-Prof under MS/MD. But DM/MCh is considered greater than DNB.

Biggest drawback of DNB is the final exam. The way examiners see a DNB candidate. Evn a MD/MS prof cud b ur examiner and his attitude towards a DNB candidate is somewhat low as he considers MS/MD to be superior to DNB. But as long as the doctor who trains u is good I thnk u can win over the examiner.

There is a notion that in south DNB has better pass percentage than North. Not sure how far is this true.

And coz most docs in MCI are either MS/MD or DM/MCh I think it will take time to bring equivalence to DNB and MD/MS.

The new NMC bill also does not bring teaching equivalence for MS/MD and DNB. So it is gonna be a while. But if sure of gng abroad and confident enough to bash the examiner in the final exam DNB is for u.