Which one is better among PrepLadder app or Marrow app for cracking the NEET- PG?

Which one is better among PrepLadder app or Marrow app for cracking the NEET PG?

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Navya Navya

, MBBS from Osmania Medical College

Updated Apr 28, 2020

I was a pro user of both marrow and prepladder during NEET PG preparation. I can’t really compare marrow and prepladder because I used plan C from marrow and rapid revision from prepladder. But I’ll just give my review on the content I used.

Marrow - Starting with videos, clinical subjects are good. Especially, surgery, gynobs, ENT, Opthalmology…they’re just awesome. Medicine is too lengthy. Short subjects are just okay except radiology which is great. Basic subjects and psm are not very good. Qbank is great but only if you have enough time. The explanations for many questions are just a few points about each option (they don’t tell you how the wrong options are ruled out). And the explanations are too lengthy that we just bookmark everything to study later (which will never happen). One thing I really love about marrow question bank is the custom option. I used to solve microbiology and histology slides, 10 slides everyday, and it really helped. Grand tests are great and the rank predictions are also nearly accurate. But subjectwise tests are too tough, and the ranks will definitely depress you, especially if you are not good in the subject. I took a psychiatry test nearly 10 days before the exam and my rank in that test was around 15k. (So please don’t take ranks of subjectwise tests too seriously.

Prepladder - I watched complete videos of anatomy, pathology and medicine, and rapid revision for the rest (for medicine I watched only rapid revision before the exam, complete videos after the exam). Anatomy is just awesome. Pathology and Microbiology are not good. The other basic subjects are great. Short subjects and PSM are just adequate. Clinicals are good. There’s no replacement for Deepak Marwah sir’s medicine lectures. I used only rapid revision qbank and that was good. The explanations are to the point. I didn’t solve any grand test in prepladder, but I solved all the previous year papers. The video explanations for previous papers were really helpful.

In short, I can say, marrow may be good if you have enough time. But if you’re short of time, go for prepladder. My preparation time was only 6 months, of which I wasted 1 month experimenting. I used marrow from the beginning. But I believe it’s the last 2 months of preparation with prepladder that helped me get AIR 237 in NEET PG 2020 ( as I could revise only ENT, GYNOBS, OPHTHAL, and part of MICRO from marrow ).

A simple advice to all those preparing for NEET PG from my side… read something only if you’re sure you can revise it. And focus more on grand tests rather than qbank and subjectwise tests. Hope this helps. Good luck for your exams!!