Which states have NO BOND-NO STIPEND?


Which states have NO BOND-NO STIPEND?

It’s not Assam anymore because of unavailability of doctors. It’s a very strict bond from this year and even they are recalling people to pay penalty.

Because they have already taken sign… so no one can deny it.

Ppl from assam are trying hard to make us blv this is strict BCZ they dnt want anyone to occupy there seat.
I know the bond is strict now.
But there is still provision for no stpend no bond in AIQ.
I have a friend in AMCH So i know.

Please post some docs in support of ur argument if u want ppl to blv that there is no provison now for—- no stipend no bond for AIQ.

i alsobhave seniors there, ppl with no bond no stipend were not given pass certificate easily. Pls provide more info if you have

Suggestions For ppl asking here.
In general—info about any college.
Its better to call college office and enquire about evrything or if u hav time plz visit the college before n meet residents so that u dnt repent later.

Few ppl in this group will try n misguide u just bcz they dnt want AIQ ppl to takeaway their seats.
Inspite of helping ppl with true intentions selflessly they may lie so follow the proper channel mentioned above.

In case of Assam,the truth is the bond wasn’t strict a few years back,but our Health minister has opened a lot of new colleges with no possible human resource, so the post pg docs are trapped real bad,strictly starting from this year.You can check the leading daily’s of Assam.

What happened to Himachal?? They used to have that for aiq… anybody knows on current status?