“Which, then, of your Lord's blessings do you both deny?”

“Which, then, of your Lord’s blessings do you both deny?”
Alhamdulillah i’m done with step 1
I’m a graduate from Pakistan. I skipped HJ and started step 1 prep in March. At start i took a few breaks and from May onwards i was consistent.
I had April triad but due to COVID i couldn’t give exam. Allah had better plan.
Kaplan: i would recommend don’t use it as it covers a lot of topics which are not needed plus it’s time taking. I you want to use any lectures Dr. Turco lectures can be used.
B&B: it’s a great resource. I used b&b for most of the portion of FA.
Sketchy: just love it. Sketchy made microbiology really easy and doable. I would recommend Sketchy only for those who have picture memory.
Dirty medicine: ECG’s were very helpful. Plus if you don’t understand anything it’s a great resource to use.
Pathoma: i 1st read whole pathoma with lectures and annotated the extra stuff on FA and before exam only 1st 4 chapters. It really helped.
Uworld: only one pass timed and random mode with 77%
FA: about 6-7 reads. Try to remember it in your prep as it’s quite lengthy. Plus it’s normal to forget it even after 6-7 reads i had very little confidence. Only long term memory matters mainly in paper .
NBME 21: 236
NBME 22:239
NBME 23: 251
NBME 24: 232
NBME 18:235
UWSA 1 : 258
UWSA 2: 251
Free 120:84
Actual score :248 Alhamdulillah
General Tips:

  1. It’s totally normal to forget FA and don’t gets depressed as long as you can solve a question of specific topic you’re good as exam is about MCQs not to write whole topic.
  2. Strat your assessments early and simulate by doing 4 blocks of NBME’s with 2 blocks of uworld. It really really helped me in exam as i had no headache during exam even though i just slept 2 hours exam night.
  3. Ethics questions were really weird so use other resources other than uworld, cornard 100 cases. My exam ethics questions wasn’t like Cornard they were very different.
  4. At start i was able to do only 30 questions of uworld a day even though i was studying about 9-10 hours. So it’s normal to have slow pace. Plus during my 1st cover to cover read of FA i used to do only 9-10 pages per day. So don’t be depressed by this that i’m going slowly. It happens to everyone
    EXAM day Tip:
  5. Take your own ear plugs it helps reduce nouse of mouse tik tim noise
  6. Notice in your assessments when your headache starts and take 2 panadol tablets atleast one block before that.