Who got job in recent time


Some suggestions/ Piece of advice after i had conversation with this doctor + 2-3 other doctors who got job in recent time

ADVICE :fire::fire:

  1. Amc clinical preparation you can also do from your own country by online preparation and good study group and before exam a mock test in Australia will help in time management.
  2. For job no need to stay at australia . Applying online is enough now a days .
    3 . Job also depends on number of jobs you are applying and also learn from your previous interview mistakes .
    4 . Some files related to interview provided by dr shahriar and in some good forums will help definately but end of the day you need your own answers .
    5.applying job can be started after amc 1 and english test . A job can take a year time so have patience. Keep trying.
  3. Search for interview questions of various hospitals / state wise .
    7 . They check your smartness /presence of mind at interview board .
    8 . Lastly , more chance of job if u try after amc clinical.
    9 . Luck can be a factor but fortune favours the brave . If u apply more you can be at the right time at right place . Probability of getting job increases .
    10 .Working in ICU , emergency if not possible any hospital work definately helps getting job as always mentioned by dr shahriar .
  4. ICU experienced ( 4 years in reputed hospital) doctors can get job offer even before amc part 1 . All they are asked to finish amc mcq and take the job . Happened with many doctors and sma candidates this year .

Have a great day ****
Dr.shahriar ahmed sujoy
Shahriar’s medical academy