Whose passed AMC MCQ congrats & few Advices


Whose passed AMC MCQ congrats & few Advices
And few tips …:o::o::o::o:

Tip 1. Enjoyment / celebration next 7 days .
Tip 2. OET / No OET decide first.
( Max 1 month for OET exam )
(If not applying for job now DONT go for OET now )
If experience less then 2 years / no recency then better u finish AMC clinical first.
Tip 3 . Collect AMC clinical resources
Tip 4. AMC clinical exclusive is best group . Resources also available in shahriar’s AMC clinical guideline group
Tip 5 . Don’t join any Australian acadmey in the beginning as very expensive and often too quick . Quality is good but expensive and quick .
Tip 6 . Prepare online academy like ours provide complete AMC clinical courses with role play facility with which you can take proper preparation example like shahriar’s medical academy . Make sure your 6000 Australian dollar not going waste because you are in hurry because of your misunderstanding and don’t expect they cover everything. This season we got a lot student who joined very expensive Australian academy then didn’t catch up.
Tip . 7 . Try 16 station mock test always helpful
Tip 8 . Total AMC clinical preparation period 8 months - 1 year.
Tip 9 . Don’t leave your AMC mcq study partners. Remain , as a team .
Tip 10 . Those are not quick/ less fluent in English spoken practice well . You need to finish cases in 8 min remember , a lot staffs to say. This point is ignored often but one of the main reason of failing as well .
Tip 11 . Every week 2 days practice physical examination. Tally O corner , Macloads are good books . Take help from greeky in you tube . But u need to modify them according to amc .
Tip 12 . Don’t waste time . Time is so precious. The sooner the better.

One more stop guys good days are ahead . :white_check_mark:

Best of luck …