Why can we get bad after orgasm?


Why can we get bad after orgasm?

After love, some women feel pain in the clitoris, BAS-belly and womb. Others say they have headache (migraines). How to explain these intimate pain, which do not occur during the sexual report (we talk about dyspareunia) but after?

Female intimate pain often overlooked

“note first that, historically, the pain of women has often been neglected, minimized, and that at the level of medical and drug research in particular, the tests are still being carried out mainly on male mice”, Lance of the beginning The Specialist. As a journalist from the nature magazine had summarized,“the typical patient with chronic pain is a 55-Year-old woman, while the favorite study subject for chronic pain is a 8-week-old male mouse”.

Orgasm and involuntary contractions of the vagina
Let’s remember that " orgasm is described medically as the peak of excitement, and the expression of intense pleasure, with triggering sexual tension and rhythmic contractions of perineal muscles and pelvic organs related to reproduction as well as a state of consciousness Modified. When orgasm occurs, the woman has between three and fifteen involuntary contractions (at intervals of 0,85 seconds) of the external third of his vagina, sometimes accompanied by contractions of the pelvic floor, the uterus and the internal and external sphincters of the Anus. " " "

Muscle spasms, hormonal changes…
This could explain the pain or cramps felt by some women in the lower belly - they often evoke pain in the ovaries, but without knowing if this is really where they are located. “it is assumed that in some cases it is a muscle spasm”, pain could be caused by the strong contraction of muscles and organs during orgasm.

" it is also presumed that hormonal changes, such as the one due to menopause, could play a role. " not to mention vigorous sexual intercourse that can cause pain at the bottom of the womb, but that should fade away.

A pain or cramp can also be located at the clitoris level, and for cause: strongly blood-soaked during orgasm, and hypersensitive at this time, this hypersensitivity may persist and become painful post-orgasm. Do you have to know it yet…

Psychological Factors in cause?
Some people also explain these pain by psychological factors: Tension, stress experienced by women. " in consultation, if a doctor wants to " reduce " these post-orgasmic pain to a psychological problem, we must insist that he will still perform medical exams ", warns the expert.

Intimate pain due to an sti, a endometriosis
These pain can indeed be the symptom of a more or less serious physical problem. If they are present at the bottom of the belly, from the uterus, we can suspect a endometriosis.

These post-Orgasmic evils can also occur in case of sexually transmitted infections, ovarian cysts, etc. If these pain persists and repeat after each orgasm, it is therefore recommended to consult his gynecologist in any case.

“according to situations, a sexo-psychological care can also be necessary to overcome the possible psychological consequences of repeated pain ( disorders of desire, excitement or orgasm )”