Why is an MBBS degree no longer sufficient to set up a practice?

Why is an MBBS degree no longer sufficient to set up a practice?

Oh how we wish we could play in crores just after getting done with MBBS ,just like the engineering graduates from prime institutes but sadly it ain’t the situation anymore .

Back in 80’s 90’s an MBBS graduate was equally knowledgeable as most of the postgraduates in the present scenario in various specialities but the platter ain’t the

is not that an MBBS graduate cannot come into general practice but it is a myriad of reasons that makes it essential to get a post-graduation degree atleast.Actually there are many aspects to answering this question which you have brought forward.

Let’s take a glimpse into a few :

(1) First and foremost is the changing pattern of education . In earlier times there was less role of tests and other investigation(unlike in present scenario where literally investigation plays a major role in diagnosis of minor ailments as well), doctor’s used to make maximum diagnosis just by taking the history and by looking at physical signs and symptoms ,that is bedside practice used to be very strong during those days ,so the capability to diagnose and treat was way better in an MBBS graduate as compared to present generation graduate(this may be a generalised statement but it covers a majority lot and moreover there have been discoveries of more and more diseases making bedside diagnosis essential to be aided with investigations)

(2) With the cut throat competition for the postgraduate entrance ,there is more of MCQoriented learning and less of practical approach towards patients.Being in one of the best government institutes myself,I have closely seen the reality ,more than half of the students don’t take the wards seriously,and the workload of these prime institutes is such that even the authorities don’t pester their student to that extent.Though somehow the students clear their MBBS with flying colours by the cramming sessions.

With the expectation that the practical thing will be dealt with during internship .

(3) Internship ,now this shows another interesting phase , especially in the prime institutes that make their interns do more of the clerical work and less of what they are supposed to do of course workload being one of the big reasons.(Again there are institutes where this may not be the scenario).

(4) More diseases ,new approaches to deal with them ,so it actually becomes hefty to deal with it if you are an MBBS graduate because of the literature load.Choosing a speciality will help being thorough with the approach to warna the disease in a better way and this will save the lives in the best way possible.

(5) The changing mentality of the common public :Not valuing an MBBS graduate.

I have seen people doing wonders with just a MBBS degree because they were equally active in both the practical and theoretical approach of the course.

Edit 1-This is clearly my perspective so there is going to be a difference in opinions ,well That’s okay.


Dr.Shalini singh

Former intern doctor at Civil Hospital Ahmedabad (2019-2020)