Why is it necessary to handle children's milk teeth?

Why is it necessary to handle children’s milk teeth?

Everywhere in the world when a child first loses a tooth, it is a sign that he is growing up, while in the West, parents at this point have some money under the children’s pillows.

But the question is what do you do with that milk tooth? Some take it as an emotional sign but several buses throw it because what could it be?

If you think so, you’d be surprised to know that those teeth could help your child in the future.

The claim came out in a medical research.

A joint research from the University of Pennsylvania and China’s Fourth Military Medicine University discovered how to re-grow dental tissues by using milk teeth stem sales extract.

Research shows how to treat children who have experienced an engine in their childhood, resulting in damage to their teeth and eliminating tissues.

The research team discovered that using stem sales in milk teeth can easily cover such engines of children.
During this research, 40 children were taken who had permanent teeth out but had one or two milk teeth, which were removed and used for this experimental treatment.

Children who were treated with this new method, improved dental roots development and re-grown tissues a year later.

Researchers said this procedure restored the sense of feeling in the patient’s teeth, i.e. they felt hot or cold, if the tissues are dead, it doesn’t happen.
The team said the procedure has been safe and effective even after 3 years of engineering and in a case when the child re-damaged his tooth, the tissue treatment from stem sales proved successful again.

His experiments have not yet been done on adults but the research team is looking for permission for him in the US.

The results of this research were published in the Medical Journal of Science Translational Medicine