Why is NBE so quiet?

Why is NBE so quiet??

Either they should give us a chance to edit centers or they should conduct the exam after the covid peak and after the lockdowns.

I’m worried about traveling to another state with >60yrs old parents during the covid peak. Also worried about boarding and transportation there especially in this lockdown.

If I share this in groups, fellow doctors are cursing me asking me to sit for next or not go for the exam…So dismissive.

I know ignorance is bliss…but don’t be so ignorant.

Why is NBE so quiet?

Doc, I too have this doubt.

But I think it’s better to get an RT-PCR test done within 72 hrs before exam to be on the safer side if we’re going to another state.

DrAntrip Sharma

Rtpcr test from government hospital is required… which at my place is taking minimum 30 days for reporting…due to vast number of tests

The time between exam and result if reduced by 15 days that means if result is declared within 15 days of exam no delay would be there in any proceedings of counselor further till then the Corona peak which is told to be span of 3 to 4 weeks will settle , no delay would be there as well and everything would be done in proper time