Why is the government of India not banning Biswaroop Roy Choudury,

Why is the government of India not banning Biswaroop Roy Choudury, who is spreading misinformation about Corona virus and other viruses (like HIV) among the general population?

Same reason for not banning Rahul Gandhi.

We do need entertainment.

Modi was banned from entering the US until he became prime minister.

I was wondering how people can believe in Biswasroop Chowdhury !

Then I remember,if people can see India’s bright future in RG,then it’s not big to believe in Biswasroop.

Ban all this entertainment videos after lockdown, during lockdown we need some entertainment from such fools

he in the past known for memory trick or so called memory guru.Now spreading mis information about disease and ailments.

this is the result of registering any diploma course as valid ! any stupid course which doesnt have any significant value related to health but slightly has some related topics in syllabus leads to think the degree holder is a mbbs doc hahaha lol

Problm toh wohi hai last mein…jo bhi log medical field se related…be it lab technician or nurses or sometimes even ward boys all think themselves as doctors but a doctor thinks so many times before making a decision because patient ko kuch ho gya sab kahenge doctor ki galti hai lekin uske pehle sab doctor banke gyan batenge