With covid -19 cases making a comeback, doctors from each and every department

With covid -19 cases making a comeback, doctors from each and every department are being sent back to covid duties it was expected that government will bring some kind of incentive for covid duties, but quite contrary to that Government is withdrawing even basic human assurances, for example in Gujrat government has already withdrawn Rs 50 lakh insurance cover for doctors, this insurance cover was very important for doctors with families, so at the back of mind they were assured that if something happens to them there families would still be taken care of and would have some kind of future. over and above that government has also denied giving hotel accommodation to doctors on covid duties, this is going to put doctor’s families at risk, so doctors have to make there own arrangements by renting some room somewhere, now this is ironical in a sense that government is giving zero incentive for covid duties just regular salaries, so if you are doing a covid duty you are taking extra risk with no incentive and plus you should also rent a separate room somewhere, over and above that even if you get covid infection during duty then also there is no provision of any separate accommodation anywhere, i can understand such a long covid crisis has been tough on government finances, but these humanitarian issues must be addressed, because risk to life is still there, it may have actually increased since the last year because of newer strains, government must take some basic humanitarian steps to assure our covid warriors