You all helped me in passing Plab 1


Hi to all wonderful doctors here in this group.

You all helped me in passing Plab 1 at first attempt by sharing your invaluable knowledge even though i was out of touch with medicine for the last 6 years . Scored 140/180 Plab 1…Much thanks to this great community !!!

So this time i need help regarding Plab 2 preparation. i am sure you will help me out this time too :))

I was going through different reviews about plab 2 academies to choose one…Look like i have ended up in confusing myself more :grin::grin:
I know personal efforts matters the most to ace this exam and i am willing to do that but first i need a good teacher to teach me the skills /depth of PLAB 2

Any1 here who can take out his/her precious 2 minutes time to help me decide between samson and swamy or any other ?? you can share your reviews inbox if you dont want to write down here…

I have seen there is currently tug of war going btw ASPIRE and CS so not sure if i should count them in my options but definitely a genuine review by someone who attended personally or sm1 known to him would help me a lot saving my time and money… i have taken a date in first week of September…

Thanks in advance )))