1 week back. And now I regret all decisions of my life

I have joined OBGY residency 1 week back. And now I regret all decisions of my life. All I wanted was a happy life. I can’t see it happening anytime. There is politics, stress, toxicity, hecticness. I have palpitations continuously even on a small issue. I feel like leaving everything and open a shop and spend the rest of life on meagre money but lesser stress. I knew the residency was going to be tough but now I am not able to tolerate. Dying seems more peaceful.
Plz help. Don’t mock.

I wish so much that teachers and seniors understand the difficulties of life of a doctor and help younger collegues to take is easy and enjoy it. It will help all the doctors.

However, it is also important to understand that you are facing everything, and gaining condensed experience of life ,along with your professional training, in a protected environment now.

Here, seniors can do little harm to you, if any. And no long term harm, for sure. But, but you are gaining experience of handling people- which is a precious learning. It can take on your nerves- and that is what you need to learn most.

Work with a single minded focus- learn the specialty, and be respectful to your seniors and juniors too when they come. You can practice by behaving nicely with interns and hospital staff.

And remember, if something will not remain important 5years later in life, it is not important, and you can handle it on instant basis, without bothering much about it. Good luck.