10 misconceptions about pregnancy

10 misconceptions about pregnancy

There’s a lot of pregnancy that’s been coming from old times. It’s old age but today’s time also many pregnancy misconceptions are famous. Some of them are being mentioned here. Pregnancy related. Don’t believe any misunderstanding and consult your doctor for everything.

Pregnant woman should eat double:

It’s important to increase calories in a diet during pregnancy but that doesn’t mean your diet should be double.

If you take a balanced diet, there is no need to increase the calories. Add 300 calories daily to your diet. This amount can be obtained from 2 glasses of milk and a bowl of gambling.

Don’t eat cheese during pregnancy:

Cheese made from raw milk (which is soft) contains a bacteria listeria that causes a flu-like disease that is harmful to the baby which can also cause pregnancy or death of the baby. It is important to use pacific country cheese during pregnancy. Cheddar, mozzarella and swiss cheese are not harmful to health (health) and safe for mother and child.

Spicy foods make birth difficult:

There is no proof in science. It is speculated that eating spicy food causes digestion which causes uters to shrink but it is just a guess. Many women during Pregnancy eats spicy things and they have normal delivery.

Don’t use caffeine during pregnancy:

This is not right. You can also enjoy tea, coffee, chocolate during pregnancy. But be sure to take care of how much amount of caffeine you are taking in a day. Pregnant women have more than 200 grams of caffeine a day. It is advised not to take. Excessive amounts can cause pregnancy waste.

Air travel in pregnancy should not be:

This is also not right, you can travel in the first and second three months of pregnancy. You can also travel in the last three months of pregnancy, but some airlines do not allow pregnant women to travel in the last three months. Lest they start labour pan in the plane.

Chest jealousy causes a child’s hair to grow:

This is a years old misconception that most women still do today. They think chest burns during pregnancy are due to the thick hair of the baby. Growing of the baby is related to the inheritance of the parents. Hai. Chest burns are caused by hormone progressesterone. This hormone relaxes all problems. Growth of the baby, abstain acids come to asophigus and cause chest jealousy. Some steps you need to take to take Can save from suffering.

The speed of a heartbeat shows gender:

It is said that if the child’s heart speed is more than 140 times per minute it is a daughter and if it is less than 140 then it is a son but the fact that the child’s normal heartbeat is 120 It’s between 160 and keeps getting less and has nothing to do with the gender of the child.

Using home doppler is unsafe for a child:

Using home doppler is not unsafe to listen to a baby’s heartbeat. The baby feels heartbeat 14 weeks after pregnancy. Using home dupler is prohibited only if the baby has a baby. You can be stressed if you don’t hear his heart beat despite being all right.

It is not safe to dye hair during pregnancy:

Dyeing hair during pregnancy is not dangerous. It is said that the smell of hair dye can be complained of nausea. So sit in a room where the air is well passed. Also hair A very minor part of dizka is absorbed into the skin that is not harmful to the baby at all.

Pete’s nowhere to address the gender of the baby:

People say that if the stomach is low, it is a sign of being a boy, and if the pimples come out on your face, it is a sign of having a daughter. It is said that a daughter reduces the beauty of a mother. These are ancestral things. The abdominal motions are on a woman’s physical structure. If she is long and lean, her stomach will be more emerged while the fat woman’s stomach will be less. Secondly, during pregnancy hormones change. Because pimples come out on your face and it’s not right that your future daughter has stolen your beauty.