10 things you didn't know about the breasts

10 things you didn’t know about the breasts

  1. Breast Stimulation can cause orgasm
    When the breast is stimulate, the brain releases oxytocin, the hormone responsible for orgasm.

  2. Breasts can have an
    We call it the nursing. The breast and areola contain muscle fibers. When they contract, the tit knows some kind of an erections. It can be caused by cold, touch or sexual excitement.

  3. Both breasts have different sizes
    In 65 % of women, the left breast is bigger than the right!

  4. Nipples can change color
    During pregnancy, the nipples get darker. Thanks to this natural process, a baby who does not have a good view at his birth can directly recognize and breast-feeding.

  5. Women are the only mammals to have round breasts constantly
    The other primate have a full breast to feed their little ones. After breastfeeding, their breasts become “empty”.

  6. 6 % of the population has a third nipples
    Just like in “friends”!

  7. Tobacco makes the breasts hang faster
    The Nicotine destroys the skin of the skin.

  8. Big boobs live in cold countries
    It is in Norway, Sweden and Finland that we find women with the highest hats, with an average of d hat.

  9. 85 % of women don’t wear the right bra size
    And it’s very bad for the back!

  10. The biggest natural breast in the world is wearing 102th.
    She belongs to the American Annie Hawkins-Turner, 53 years old. Her Breast Tower is estimated at 203 cm and her breasts are about 25 pounds.