12 days post op Acl recon+meniscus repair

12 days post op
Acl recon+meniscus repair

Its not great. Im not great.
I love all the inspirational stuff on here, but i gotta know.

Did anyone else feel as rough as I do?
I was prescribed
tramadol and naproxen
The tram make me nauseas so I have to take a full gravol with it every dose.

I see the Dr tomorrow for my first post Op.
Ill have him change my meds.

Ive been doing the days with just tylenol and still feel sick. Im exhausted all day. I spend most of my days in bed, leg up, ice machine on for 30 off for 60. Im still trying to straighten my leg and can walk with out crutches.

I know things will get better, i know this isnt forever.

But I also know that holy F*** those shooting burning pains that flicker through my acl side nearly kill me. My bones hurt, my good leg hates my bad leg now. My hips hurt, my skin is hypersensitive on that leg now and my calf/thigh feel as if theyre rock hard and tight.

I havent lost sight of the long term plan and goal… Im still positive. I just need to know its not as easy as a lot of these posts make it out to be for everyone. I cant be the only one right?