17k Rank (UR category) 1st attempt

17k Rank (UR category) 1st attempt

No Passion for any specific subject. Koi bhi chalega.

Could not concentrate on studies because of which guilt factor is increasing, gaining weight sitting at home, super bored, want to join work asap.

Please suggest available DNB/Diploma/MD/MS /Clinical / Non-Clinical anything at this rank. Home state - West Bengal.

Thank You everyone for your suggestions. After going through all these comments,I think it would be wise on my part to give a second attempt. GT scores have decreased because I have not been sticking to my time tables, hardly studing for 1 to 2 hours daily. If anyone out there who feels stuck in the same situation as mine please get in touch, it would be great to plan how to go ahead for the upcoming exams.

You can always continue studying

Exam is just around the corner

17k for a first timer is a great rank to build on