1st sign of intrauterine pregnancy on usg

1st sign of intrauterine pregnancy on usg

Double decidual sign or double bleb sign?

In notes yolk sac is written but shouldn’t it be double decidual sac sign?

No answer is yolk sac only.

Earliest sign in pregnancy is intradecidual sign > double decidual sign (decidua capsularis and parietalis) at 4-4.5 wks on TVS

Earliest sign of INTRA-UTERINE pregnancy is yolk sac (ruled out pseudo-gestational sac) on 5-5.5 wks

Double bleb sign appears much late (6.5-7 wks) and represent yolk sac and amnion.

but double decidual sign is seen first followed by double bleb sign

thank u for responding but in notes it is written that double decidual sac sign is seen only in intrauterine pregnancy so answer should be double decidual sac sign na as yolk sac appears after double decidual sac sign?

as per I know the most important sign of intra-uterine pregnancy comes a single liner and the answer is yolk sac.

Let’s see what mam says.

Salute to U multiple times because of Ur crystal clear concepts in every topic.