2 branches md respiratory medicine and MD anesthesia

I am interested in 2 branches md respiratory medicine and MD anesthesia. Able to get these both with my rank . Can anyone help me in these 2 branches which is best interms of settle and pay scale and all . Thanks.


Pul med thn some fellowship
Intervensive procedures have good monetary aspects

Respiratory medicine is a wonderful branch without a doubt. Only if the cases were not taken up by internal medicine people 🥺 But you can always do dm.

both are good. Take peds if you like kids and have the patience. But I’ve heard ped is a more hectic branch than respiratory. So depends on your priorities.

no inclination towards any branch as such … asking in terms of post pg settlement?

both are good. Ask some pgt of the respective branch or a consultant maybe.

Personally I’m not finding anything good about Anaesthesia. Feeling completely depressed. Therefore respi definitely looks far far better imo

can you tell me why? Because i’m willing to take up Anesthesia.

If you want to choose MD anesthesia choose a clg with good ccu /itu setup which is managed by MD anesthesia only… MD anesthesia with only dependence to OT have given depression to many ( mainly Because they have to stay in ot same duration as surgeon and earn less than surgeon and many have to face surgeons ego )

The only lucrative thing about anesthesia is CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE … SO after MD try to do a fnb or dnb CCM plus you can also do a MRCP degree and can set up your own chamber

As i have worked in corporate for 5 years , i know as well as many know that CCM physicians who are mainly MD anesthesia are getting good jobs in tier 1 cities with good pay and you dont have to think about jobs in cities

hello. How about DNB anesthesia from Max Delhi or Poona Pune or maybe south? And fellowship/dm in pain medicine?