2021 passout from Medical College Kolkata.. let me take you through my MBBS journey and PG entrance preparation

myself Dr Subhojit Baral … 2021 passout from Medical College Kolkata… let me take you through my MBBS journey and PG entrance preparation…Its a bit detailed and long but since I have been waiting to write this for 6 years , I’ll do it anyway 😂

In the start of first year (2015) one eminent faculty told “it dosent matter what you score in mbbs if you crack pg entrance at one go” …so that day I set my goal for NEET PG…

Apart from studying books , I used to solve mcqs from pg entrance books available at that time…Till 3 rd yr I continued doing this…After that I started following MARROW .

All was well and good but setbacks after setbacks came in every sems, ,MB s where my scores were just average ,while all my friends got Hons, certificates and GMs …I am a very straightforward person …if question says “why parotid abscess drainage incision is given horizontally not vertically ? " , My answer will be " in order to prevent damage to branches of facial nerve”…not something like drawing an entire face and facial nerve, writing 2 pages of word picture of its course and then writing those above golden words 🤣

Throughout MBBS curriculum my marks never crossed beyond 70% …but I always believed that I know my stuff …inspite of college faculties , colleagues , their marks and my own marks proving otherwise time and time again… Only honours I ever got is in NEET PG with a score of 80%😂

My MBBS life, be it human interaction (patients excluded) or academics can be more or less summed up by these few lines from the song “perfect” by P!nk

"Made a wrong turn, once or twice

Dug my way out, blood and fire

Bad decisions, that’s alright

Welcome to my silly life

Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood

Miss knowing it’s all good, it didn’t slow me down…

Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated

Look, I’m still around"

PG preparation : I am a MARROW plan C user since final year…I watched all the final yr subject videos in final year itself…rest subjects I completed revision during internship

I watched videos at 2x speed with pausing whenever required and revised from the in app notes that came with the videos

GT s - I gave and analysed every GT available on the face of the earth …even during internship whenever I got 4 hrs free I used to give GT s… They were fun to give 😂

Qbank - I only solved custom modules… even during duty whenever I got some free time I used to do mcqs…but always working was the priority

BLUNT TRUTH : lets talk straight… If you can remember every single line and word of MARROW rapid revision videos , you will get 90% questions common be it any exam …in case you havent observed by now both INICET AND NEET PG question papers contained almost no complex theory, fancy names , unheard of classifications or carcinoma staging … majority questions were from most common topics .

But in order to remember rapid revision videos, you need to have a strong base knowledge …If your concepts are clear (be it from marrow classes, standard textbooks, non standard textbooks dosent matter) then rapid revision course is your gold mine…

Mentality I believe in:

  1. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
  • Paulo Coelho (and Om Shanti Om apparently 😂)

Since 2015 my eyes were on NEET PG 2021 … I never had a second thought

  1. Logic> peer pressure -

You know what suits you better …no one else!!

I never made my own notes…in my entire life! …same goes for higher secondary, ug entrance, sem, MB s and NEET PG …

I am more comfortable with reading pdf rather than books…so much so that i didnt even buy final and pre final year books!..Just read the pdf.

I didnt solve entire qbank religiously…found it boring…

My point is do what suits you best and dont just blindly follow the trend.

  1. MBs and Sems vs pg entrance - MBs and semesters test your retaining capacity >knowledge…whereas MCQ tests your concepts, logic ,analysis skills , knowledge > retaining capacity

Both are mutually exclusive…few excells in both , few in only one… don’t bother if your UG scores were low…

  1. keep your mind open and see how the situation is changing…and adapt accordingly…

In INICET July 2021 I prepared for tough questions …that time MARROW INICET mock rank was <1000…but in real exam there were simple one liners that I ignored during preparation…got a rank of 2538 in real exam

Now it was time for change of strategy…for NEET I just watched all the MARROW rapid revision series videos at 3x speed… In MARROW NEET PG mock I just skipped the tough questions, got a rank of 2.6k but I was least bothered

While going to exam center I listened to Eminem’s "lose yourself " for 1 hr straight

And result : AIR 639 with a score of 640 in NEET PG 2021

I would like to thank every faculty of the MARROW team , and Dr Deepu Sebin sir for creating such a beautiful user friendly platform…It was impossible without team MARROW