3-year-old girl, progressive course

3-year-old girl, progressive course


Rassmussen encephephalitis

There is not history of radiation?

no irradiation

Ddx Multicystic encephalomalacia as an end-stage finding in abusive head trauma

what another imaging do you recommende for further assessment ?

In 75% of cases the SWS is unilateral and in 25% bilateral, being the angiomatosis more frequent on occipital lobe (93%) than on the parietal (83%), frontal (53%) and temporal (53%) lobe. Diencephalon is involved in 13%, midbrain in 6% and cerebellum in 6% of cases. Other imaging features are: calcifications (88%), brain atrophy (85%), coroidal plexuses hypertrophy (72%), medullar veins enlargement (61%), ocular coroidal enhancement (20%). MRI was superior in depicting all morphological abnormalities of SWS, but calcifications. MRI is the best imaging method to evaluate morphologically the SWS, being useful to confirm the diagnosis and establish the extension of the disease.

the presence of bilateral intracranial disease has management and prognostic implications