35yo man having swelling over the 1st webspace left hand

35yo man having swelling over the 1st webspace left hand,10 years duration,insidious onset,slowgrowing,painless.
Subcutaneous, filling the webspace,soft and spongy but not compressible,not transilluminant,no bruit.No other significant findings.
No h/o trauma.No comorbidities.
Xray taken.
No other invest like CT,MRI and Doppler done as the patient was very poor.
D.D:Imp dermoid,lipoma.
Under local with iv sedation excision of the swelling done and sent for HPE.
Cut section&HPE will be posted after 2 days.
For discussion.
I think it is better to post the pic of cutsection of the tumour along with HPE report which was a surprising one.The report was”Myopericytoma” which was an unfamiliar term for me.I have also posted the microphotograph of the slide sent by the pathologist.Pathologist suggested IHC for confirmation.As the patient could not afford it it was not done.
Case posted for its rarity for the benefit of PGs.