3rd wave coming in jan feb...counselling shd take place before that

3rd wave coming in jan feb…counselling shd take place before that…is authority not realising that?

They don’t care they will place contractual medical officers at much low cost than pgt salary and provide below average care

Do u really think they care about this?

It’s not like they don’t realize…


They do not care, is this so hard to comprehend even now?All they need is the throne.


In which world r u sister??

The crooked,cunning politicians with thick skin, deaf ear and eye blinded by Lust of power and money whom you vote to rule you are ruling you in real sense and they r least bothered if u live or die…

Sympathy, care, loyalty, responsibility, humanity etc are just namesake In this modernized world…u can expect a bit from dogs but not from these devils In the garb of human body

Care?? LOL!!! Their election campaign was responsible for the 2nd wave and they are ready to sacrifice people for their political success.

For them wining elections is far more important.

Firstly the authorities in India are not only high quality idiots but also highly insensitive to all problems faced by us. And secondly, the Omicron variant won’t cause a wave as is being said by many bodies of international repute, fingers crossed though


Who said the wave gonna come??


they also said September or October the wave would come… This is not just statistics maths to predict everything…

If medicine was that simple we won’t be struggling this hard to study everything… Thank god medicine is tough and not quite predictable.

So don’t worry … Chill maar, take everything positively as much as possible. Start working near ur home you will feel great… Don’t forget that residency is what u enjoy…99% of JR1 don’t like their training but eventually everyone accept the reality 🤷🏻‍♀️

Atleast enjoy some days that were given to u. This time’s never gonna come back anytime soon.

With OBC is there any chance SC ST reservation will increase this year???