8 Effective Strategies That The Top Nursing Agencies Practice

8 Effective Strategies That The Top Nursing Agencies Practice

It is no surprise that the UK is suffering from a nursing crisis. With lesser numbers of nurses, patients are left unmonitored, unwashed and without getting crucial medication. And with tightened budgets and reducing numbers, it is obvious recruiting the best talent has become difficult. Hence, in order to continue availing nursing services, it is important to focus on retention than recruitment.

Here we share 8 effective strategies that the top nursing agenciespractice in order to retain and engage their best nurses.

Recruit the Best Nurses

Though there is an immense shortage, organizations must look beyond education and experience and hire based on a strong sense of motivation, empathy, and responsibility.

As per recent evidence, top performing nurse leave her organization because of working with inefficient colleagues. Make sure you start retaining good nurses as soon as you hire them. You must follow strict hiring and retaining policies in order to ensure you always hire the best. If essential then you can take professional guidance for the same.

Impart Training and Empower

Training and development are vital factors to help employees grow within the facility. Providing them the tools to avail more responsibility makes them feel empowered and offer them a sense of ownership.

In addition to this, it decreases the entire cost to the facility by ensuring that all such tasks are dealt with at the correct level and not pushed up the chain thereby enhancing costs.


Consult your nurses on a regular basis on how they are doing and be prepared to follow up on the feedback.

If you are listening to your employees you are more likely to stay as compared to those who believe their thoughts and ideas are not considered seriously.

Show Your Care towards Them

Try to know them personally, ask about their friends or family. Understand what motivates and drives them.

This has the advantage of showing the employees that you care about them and this strengthens the nursing relationships.

Thank Them

It is essential for nurses to know that they are important to your organization. Be it their anniversary or birthday, or any special day; try sending your nurses a handwritten consent thanking them for their outstanding performance and brilliant efforts.

It is always best to outline their special contribution to the team as this will make them feel privileged and wanted.

Consider Feedback and Suggestion from Nurses

One major reason why nurses leave their facility is because of the lack of leadership and poor management. The top nursing agencies always try to figure out how far their employees have liked to be managed and what is the feedback they offer you as well as the rest of the management team.

It is therefore essential to be prepared to change and avoid being offended.

Redistribute the Tasks

Monitor the workload of every nurse and try to redistribute tasks more evenly across the team. Every nurse is overworking, but when a nurse feels burdened with the workload of other people this can result in resentment and eventually the patients have to suffer.

Therefore, it is essential that the agencies must redistribute the tasks so that no nurse feels overburdened.

These are just some of the ideas from the top nursing agencies, which can help your agency to retain the best nurses. The best part about these strategies is that they are cost-effective and can be implemented on an immediate basis. Do follow this list again and practice one or more of these strategies in order to stay ahead of your competitors and always retain the best nurses.