.A 20yearsold lady, presented in her first pregnancy

.A 20yearsold lady, presented in her first pregnancy with history of
gestational amenorhoea of 12weeks and excessive nausea,and vomiting.
Abdominal exam showed fundal height of 18weeks and doughy
consistency.The most appropriate investigation for diagnosis?

  • a.U/Spelvis
  • b.Urine for pregnancytest
  • c.Laparoscopy
  • d. B HcG

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An ICU patient presented with high blood pressure and previous angina. The patient had undergone cardiac surgery and was put on mechanical ventilation. Which of the following agents would most likely be used to reduce unwanted random respiratory movements undergoing mechanical ventilation?
I. baclofen
II. succinylcholine
III. atracurium

  • A. I only
  • B. II only
  • C. III only
  • D. I and II only
  • E. II and III only
  • F. I, II, and III

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