A 33yo drug addict wants to quit. She says she is ready to stop the drug abuse

A 62yo woman complains of unsteadiness when walking. On examination she has pyramidal
weakness of her left lower limb and reduced pain and temp sensation on right leg and right side
of trunk up to the umbilicus. Joint position sense is impaired at her left great toe but is normal
elsewhere. She has a definite left extensor plantar response and the right plantar response is
equivocal. Where is the lesion?
a. Left cervical cord
b. Midline mid-thoracic cord
c. Right mid-thoracic cord
d. Left mid-thoracic cord
e. Left lumbo-sacral plexus

Q. 1. What is the key?
Q. 2. What is the name of this condition?

Ans. 1. The key is d. Left mid-thoracic cord.
Ans. 2. Brown-sequard syndrome. [In brown-sequard syndrome paralysis and loss of proprioception on
the same (or ipsilateral) side as the injury or lesion, and loss of pain and temperature sensation on the
opposite (or contralateral) side as the lesion].