A 5yo with recurrent chest pain, fingers clubbing with offensive stool

A 5yo with recurrent chest pain, finger clubbing with offensive stool. Choose the single most
likely inv?
a. Endomyseal/Alpha glidin antibody
b. Sweat test
c. Barium meal
d. ECG
e. Glucose tolerance test
Ans. The key is B. Sweat test. [Recurrent chest pain from frequent lung infections including pneumonia
or bronchitis.“Clubbing” of the fingers is a classic features of Cystic Fibrosis, although not present in
many patients. The digestive enzymes are not being produced, food is not adequately digested
(malabsorption) and excess fat and protein is lost in the stools, making them bulky, oily, smelly and
difficult to flush away].