A big dream of getting a good rank in Neet pg! I got a rank of 54k in Neet 2020


A student of svngmc yavatmal.

If I can do it,you can do it.

I am Dr. Divya Agrawal,

An average student in mbbs ,

But with a big dream of getting a good rank in Neet pg!

I got a rank of 54k in Neet 2020

I accepted the reality that I have to put a lot of efforts

My key points



Planning the things well is most important

You have to plan your days weeks months

So I started my preparation during my internship with marrow

I was marrow plan c user,

Marrow has been the reason of my success,

I loved the qbank the most

Revise it as many time as possible

As my rank in gt and inicet improved,

My trust for the source all the more increased

My weakness anatomy turned into strength by watching Dr.Dr Raviraj sir videos

No one can beat Dr Rebecca Mam biochemistry -you can get most q right if you revise the notes well

Dr Abbas Ali sir never let the turtles slow down and made them move forward with his videos ,he’s 50 days before the exam plan worked for me!

Ent was my strength thanks to Dr.manisha man

Obgy revision videos were awesome by DrSakshi Arora Hans Mam

I can keep going because each and every subject and the respective teacher has been the part of my journery.

Thanks to each one of them.

Dr. Rohan Khandelwal sir and Dr Rakesh Nair sir made the big subject easy for each one of us

The liking for dermatology all the more increased after watching videos of Dr.malcolm sir

Radiology is fun with Dr.mayur sir

Thank you marrow for helping me achieve my dream!

First exam- NEET PG- 2020


Second exam- INICET 1


Third exam- INICET2


Final one NEET PG-2021


Improvement in my rank coz of marrow!