A child may develop primary cholesteatoma

Esteemed Dr. Manisha Sinha Budhiraja Ma’am, Good Evening,

Ma’am a child may develop primary cholesteatoma by virtue of Sade’s theory, or it may be a case of congenital cholesteatoma provided it encompasses Levenson’s criteria, ma’am what can be the differential diagnosis in such a clinical presentation between primary and congenital cholesteatoma? With kind regards.

Sade theory is Squamous metaplasia because of repeated infections, which means that there must be a lot of history of repeated infections of middle ear which can be from the ET or also can be through TM ( primary or secondary ) Also it can be seen at any age .

In congenital cholesteatoma , history of AOM might be there , but they will not be so recurrent so as to lead to metaplasia and the TM here will always be intact with no history of any perforations .