A deaf patient presents to the emergency department with a sore throat

A deaf patient presents to the emergency department with a sore throat. He is accompanied by his wife who can both hear and perform sign laguage (ie interpret). The patient does not appear to be in any distess and through the wife you are able to obtain a history. You order a rapid strep test which comes back positive and plan to administer atibiotics and discharge him. He is afebrile and vital signs ae normal. Which of the following is most appropriate?

A) Communicate your plan to the patient through his wife
B) Communicate your plan to the patient by writing
C) Wait for a sign laguage interpreter to come in and serve as your source of communication
D) Speak very slowly and allow him to read your lips, explain your plan, ad administer atibiotics
E) Print out the discharge paperwork and give ample time for him to read through that until he sufciently understands everything that you have done for him

correct answer C…Whenever you encounter a patient who either speas a different language or uses a different form of communication, as in this case, you must always use a properly licensed interpreter who has both experience and knowledge in working in the medical feld. Without any way to verif what his wife has communicated to him, there is no way to obtain a adequate history. Also,you don’t know what kind of relationship he has with his wife and you should never make assumptions. If a sign language interpreter was not available,comunicating by writing - while slowing down the process - would be the preferred choice