A. Lithium can aggravate psoriasis

A. Lithium can aggravate psoriasis. The induction of psoriasis without pre-existing disease is

less common than exacerbation of existing disease. Not all patients with pre-existing psoriasis

have a flare when starting lithium and psoriasis is not considered to be a contraindication to

taking lithium for mania or depression. Similarly, other drugs such as antimalarials and indometacin can aggravate psoriasis. Psoriasis that has fl ared with lithium appears to be

more resistant to standard treatment modalities. Some preliminary evidence suggests that

supplemental inositol or omega-3-fatty acids may improve symptoms in patients with psoriasis

during lithium treatment. Histological studies on the skin lesions induced or aggravated by lithium

are equivocal; some support the lesions to be consistent with psoriasis, although others have

claimed the features as non-specifi c and refer to as psoriasiform dermatitis.