A MS Ortho seat in 2022 to securing neetpg’23 AIR- 6313


Myself Ayush Agrawal , from thinking of changing medical career to leaving a MS Ortho seat in 2022 to securing neetpg’23 AIR- 6313 , not an outstanding rank but good enough.i have came a long way and here is my journey how mentally strong I (avg student) became in this preparation journey

So it starts before my UG days , I was always fascinated seeing my mausa mausi being doctors,my parents always praising doctors so much that I thought being a doctor itself is such a big thing.

I took drop and and during counselling last round I was getting Pvt clg (no donation) , I was thinking ok somewhat PMT is cleared , I was just proving my parents that pmt can be cracked by me too. since I come from small town , and I was not happy about taking that pvt seat but seeing my parents so happy and they said go ahead and take it , I took the seat …

I was never proud of myself , never mentioned my clg name in any of my social profiles , never posted a pic in white coat , all I was thinking - I could have done better if I had good guidance and all .

I didn’t even liked doing mbbs , it was always like so much to study and I can’t do it , couldn’t even tell parents to leave the seat because of bond and fees . Thought of changing the profession and was always thinking I can never clear neetpg.i had no exposure in my clg .

Then came internet world , came across MARROW in my final year ,the more and more I watched the beautifully designed lectures ,I started to understand the subjects, to enjoy the profession and vast learning it had to offer… i focused on building my base and concepts strong.

1 month before neetpg’22 , I studied 5-6 hrs per day and thought I did my best , after taking few days off after the exam and before result announcement , I realized what if I had studied like this whole year , before UG I was complaining of not getting proper guidance , now I have all kind of guidance and best faculties teaching , am I really being honest to myself? , I knew I have so much room to improve , deep inside I knew I have not given my best.

Result came I got 20.8k rank , was thinking of taking dnb ortho but than remembered all those thoughts … so decided to study till last round ,to be honest to myself and give my best this time for the biggest exam of my life , if I’ll b able to study properly I’ll continue it otherwise will opt for something. I had the best luck and was getting MS ortho from best clg of my state in stray round, but my studies were also going good , made a tough decision and left ortho to continue study because by this time I developed confidence and was ready to accept any result but only after I had done my best and finally neetpg’23 I got 6313.

The institute and branch matters to me to some extent but what I cherish the most is

  1. Got confidence in myself

  2. Learnt to make decisions

  3. Learnt to take risks only after self analysis of my potential

  4. Feeling proud after doing honest work and being honest to myself

These things are more important to me , which I believe will help me lead a better life ahead

Lastly thanking all the marrow faculties and marrow team for building such a user friendly app.

Special thanks to Rohan Khandelwal sir – following him on insta made me believe that surgeons can have good balanced life too !!

Sakshi Arora Hans mam – never seen a teacher so kind and so dedicated for her students , GURU is the right word for u mam

Manisha Sinha Budhiraja mam … never had practical exposure of ENT in my clg but u made the subject so imaginable to me that it almost felt like clinical class

signing off !thankyou for reading this to the last !

inicet nov '21- 18000

inicet may’22 - 14000

neetpg’22- 20.8k

inicet nov’22- 6.5k

neetpg’23- 6313