A neonate was born with signs of encephalitis

A neonate was born with signs of encephalitis, chorioretinitis, hepatosplenomegaly, fever and jaundice. The mother gave a history of fever two to three times during pregnancy. History taking revealed that she has many cats as pets. On examination of the neonate, intracranial calcifications were found. IgM Ab titer was also raised. What is the most likely Microorganism responsible?

A) Treponema pallidum

B) Toxoplasma gonidii

C) Rubella virus

D) Cytomegalovirus

This is a typical case of congenital toxoplasmosis caused by organism Toxoplasma gondi.

Primary mode of transmission includes:

i) Cat feaces

ii) Raw meat or insufficiently cooked meat

iii) Unpasteurised milk