A presentation on new treatments for hyperlipidemia

You are a cardiologist invited to attend a dinner at a nice steak restaurant.You discover that the evening is being sponsored by a phamaceutical representative, and the purpose of the dinner is to listen to a presentation on new treatments for hyperlipidemia. You also learn that they will be giving out $300 tablets as a incentive. Which of te following is most appropriate?

A) Decline the invitation to the dinner altogether
B) Go to the restaurant but decline dinner and the tablet gift
C) Go to the dinner but decline the tablet gift
D) Go to the dinner and accept the tablet gift, but do not allow them to influence which medications you prescribe

correct answer C…It is permissible to attend a lecture and receive dinner for being pa of a audience at a presentation. Accepting either cash or items which are worth signifcant aounts of cash is not ethically upheld