A quick way to get response in your post

Tip : A quick way to get response in your post. Tag yourstudy mate plus 2-3 more friends. That post automatically goes to time line more early. Also those know how to answer can show reference too in some controversial Questions. AMC passing seat is not limited . Who ever will get 250/ 500 will pass so dont hesitate correcting others, actually in that way you can correct yourself.
My high recommendation is to spend at least 1 hour a day in guideline group & solve new plus old Questions will help u griping more than anything even more than Q banks .
Remember , Recalls always more important than Q bank in case of AMC as this exam has huge recall collection. For plab / mrcp it is not this much as they have exam only 3-4 time per year with same question set per exam. But in amc individual candidate has different exam set !!! Hence its called " computer adaptive exam ". Question comes according to your response as well. Basically a smart super computer is taking your exam .
Now a days , we can understant market is competitive. Q bank makers will make you believe Q bank is everything. I am also in support of Q bank but that’s one of the 4 pillars. My 370 students passed amc out of 392 appeared half of them never does Q bank properly but they did recalls well. Before 2019 there was less banks but people used to pass more. The reason behind this self study and more analysis. AMC p1 is not as easy as plab 1 , where people just read Q bank most cases. Please understand the difficulty level is not same , so be focus , dont listen to many people. So summary Theory plus recalls plus Q bank and practice mocks are key to success . Give all equal emphasis. In amc official website amc mcq passing rate is 60% for AMC mcq currently probably down to 50% due to new patterns and 25% for amc clinical.
Good luck to all.
Dr.Shahriar Ahmed sujoy