A real motivation message

A real motivation message.

I cleared my OET on 6/6 and done for Plab 1 on the 27/6 ( I found a placement on 14/6 and booked that day).

Duration of preparation: 11 intensive days (Full Full days): Done 70% of Plabable ( I opened almost NO extra links but have seen many of others’ notes on Plabable)

I passed!:partying_face::raised_hands:t2::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My advice: do Plabable once on the laptop (not the phone application) so that you would see the notes (very very comprehensive and summative= time-efficient)

Mocks: I haven’t done any but one! I think you should do them based on others feedback. It is recommended too.

Pass medicine vs. Plabable… the former is excellent if you have enough time and the later if you are stuck and don’t have time (most of us).
Best of luck