A really late post but since this wouldn't have been possible without Marrow

A really late post but since this wouldn’t have been possible without Marrow, I have to express my gratitude now that I’ve got a seat which I wouldn’t even dare to dream before the exam.

I am Meet Waghela , UG from GSMC and KEM hospital, Mumbai. I’ve secured all India rank 4 in NEETPG21 with a score of 709/800. I have started my residency in MD Radiodiagnosis at my UG institution.

I had been a plan B user since April 2020 and since then Marrow had been an integral part of my preparation.

1)The standard of questions in the Qbank is more than sufficient to crack NEETPG.

2)Marrow GTs helped me improve my performance as they also included mcqs apart from the qbank.

3)Reviewing the answers was easy as the important points are highlighted which helps save time during revisions.

4)Marrow Pearls were definitely the highlight for me as I could study whenever I got some free time in between my duties and also while traveling.

5)I could stay up-to-date due to the Recent updates section.

  1. I used to start my day with MCQ of the day and getting that question right was a great kickstart for the rest of the day.

Now that NEETPG 22 is just a few months away, I thought this was the right time to share some of the mistakes I made during my preparation and the changes I made that helped me get AIR 4 after getting AIR 1.9K in INICET July 2021.

INICET happening before NEETPG was a blessing in disguise for me as it gave me an opportunity to identify and rectify the mistakes I was making. A few of them were -

1)Not making realistic timetables. There would always be some topics of the previous subject which I couldn’t finish because I expected to finish the subject much earlier and this would create added pressure while studying the next subject. So while reading any subject, I made a list of the topics that I felt I’ll have to read in the last 15 days before exam and I read only those topics. This saved a lot of time and I was (relatively) less anxious before NEETPG compared to INICET.

2)Underestimating the value of a good amount of sleep before the exam. I was always comfortable studying late at night and always assumed that I would never feel sleepy while giving such an important exam. Unfortunately I was wrong as I was taking more than usual time for straightforward questions and was finding it hard to concentrate while reading long questions. So try and improve your sleep cycle atleast one month before the exam and preferably give GTs at the same time as your exam.

3)The last and the most important one - Underestimating yourself and not trusting your basics.Quite a few times I felt that I wouldn’t remember anything if I hadn’t touched that subject for a while. This was one of the reasons I wasn’t confident enough to give frequent GTs initially. But after reviewing GTs I realized that more often than not I was scoring well in most of those subjects. So try and give frequent GTs at your own pace but make sure to review each and every GT within 2-3 days. GTs and custom modules help you stay in touch with all the subjects. Many times we feel we are weak in some subjects but getting most of the questions right from those subjects will help you gain some confidence. So giving GTs is really important.

I would like to thank all the faculty members at Marrow for helping me get this rank and also the app developers for building such a simple and student friendly interface. Special thanks to Dr Rohan Khandelwal sir, Dr Sakshi ma’am, Dr Abbas Ali sir and Dr Ranjan sir for being such an inspiration.

All the best to everyone preparing for NEETPG22