A Toddler has few drops of blood coming out of rectum

  1. A Toddler has few drops of blood coming out of

rectum. Probable diagnosis is

A. Juvenile Rectal Polyp --------------------ANSWER

B. Adenoid Poliposis Coli

C. Rectal Ulcer

D. Piles

  1. In Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, most common prese

ntation is (Twisted Repeat)

A. Absent Seizure

B. Myoclonus ------------ANSWER

C. Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizure on going to slee


D. Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizure on awakening

  1. A child was taken for CECT Chest and contrast wa

s injected; child had swelling which gradually

increased. There is numbness. There is pain on passive

extension of fingers. He is not allowing you to

touch the arm. Pulse was present. What will you do?

A. High Dose Prednisolone

B. Arterial Thrombectomy

C. Immediate Fasciotomy -----------------ANSWER

D. Antihistaminics / Anticoagulants

  1. Recurrent URTI in 5 year old child with ear prob

lems, mouth breathing. Treatment is (May 2007)

A. Myringotomy

B. Myringotomy with Grommet insertion

C. Adenoidectomy with Grommet insertion--------------


D. Tonsillectomy

  1. A child with recurrent seizures, palpable plaques i

n the Ophthalmic and Maxillary distribution. Mother

complaints, it is present since birth and not changed since

then. Diagnosis is

A. Congenital Hemangioma

B. Sturge-Weber Syndrome----------------ANSWER

C. Infantile Hemangioma

D. Proteus syndrome


  1. Which of the following is characteristic of Basal C

ell Carcinoma?

A. Foam Cells

B. Nuclear Palisades ---------------ANSWER

C. Keratin Pearls

D. Presence of intercellular bridges

  1. A 24 year old man had multiple small hypopigmen

ted patches around hair follicles on upper chest

and back. Macules were with fine scaling which coalesced l

ater. Patient has received treatment before 1

year and it was treated. Investigation to be done i


A. KOH preparation -----------------ANSWER

B. Tzank test

C. Slit Skin Smear

D. Skin biopsy of coalesced lesion

  1. A child with itchy erythematous lesion on face and

palm & soles. Possible diagnosis is (AI 2006, May

2005, Nov 2002)

A. Scabies ---------------ANSWER

B. seborrheic dermatitis

C. psoriasis

D. congenital syphilis

  1. A patient has multiple hypoaesthetic and hypopigm

ented patches on lateral aspect of forearm.

Abundance of Acid fast bacilli and Granulomatous inflamm

ation is seen. Diagnosis is

A. Lepromatous Leprosy

B. Tuberculoid Leprosy

C. Indeterminate Leprosy

D. Borderline Leprosy --------------------ANSWER