A wise man once said; when you start scoring above your target score

a wise man once said; when you start scoring above your target score, it’s time to take the exam
i got 258 on uwsa2 :sob: … i finally feel im ready to take the beast after long months of studying so hard … a lot of u asked me how could i do it and what resources i used, tbh its not the resources i used cause its the same everyone’s using, the main issue i had (and still) is trying to memorize stuff, it’s a problem im having ever since i entered medical school, i just dont like to memorize, that table of RNA viruses makes me sick everytime i look at it, thats why i didnt have good scores in the initial nbmes i took (220s/230s), i tried to use anki but i didnt like it, what helped me the most is going over uw again and again and using other qbanks, seeing a lot of questions committed stuff to my memory, so i think the secret is repetition … last year i also had a gruesome breakup after i started preparing for step1, the thing that helped me move on and forget is studying hard for the exam, so always learn to harness whatever difficulties you face to push yourself towards your goals
Thank you all for the help during the past months, this group and the other ones that got deleted are awesome, if anyone asks me what was the most beautiful thing about preparing for step1, i would without a doubt say it was the amazing fb groups, where we barely know each other yet we don’t hesitate for a moment to help one another, that’s the best of humanity
good luck to u all and see u soon in step2 ck group :wink: